You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, he hates you.

"It’s […] about exploring the human soul and psyche, and also where we are as a society today and how much importance we place on those kinds of things,” - Michael Keaton on Birdman (x)

Edward Norton and his movies : Stone 

” John and I worked so closely on The Painted Veil, and we just have a rhythm. Once we knew we knew we were going to do it we sat down together and worked on it for maybe six weeks. Then we rehearsed with Bob for about a month and then everyone else came. (E.Norton)




Edward Norton :) 

Stan Lee in Marvel movies: The Incredible Hulk


Fight Club (1999)

David Fincher


Edward Norton Toasts FilmAid at Cannes Dinner

hannidollcrush: Hello there. I'm sorry interrupting your day, but I just gotta say - I freakin' love your blog!! You got so many awesome post on Ed Norton (I could have kissed you). Thank you so much for keep updating them. Umm.. you see I got a favor to ask. I watch one of Ed's movies the other day - The Painted Veil, and I really really like it. I was wondering if you got pic, gif, homemade vid, anything of the sort related to that movie. I do hope you would respond to this request :) Have a nice day!

Hello! You’re definitely not interrupting my day; I love receiving messages on this blog, my followers are always so lovely like yourself. 

So you’ve just watched The Painted Veil? It’s a brilliant film, right? It’s one of my favorites of Edward’s. If there’s any specific scenes from it that you want giffed, I’d be more than happy to do so. As for other things in relation to the film itself, I do have a specific tag for it on my blog which you’ll find here

And I hope you have a nice day, too!

Edward Norton for L’uomo Vogue (Feb 2003)


Get TKnow MMeme: 4/5 Favourite Movies

➥ Fight Club (1999)

Edward Norton attends Montblanc Celebrates 90 Years of the Iconic Meisterstuck on April 3, 2014


Bruce doing science things

The Incredible Hulk (2008)